Be yourself; everyone else is already taken - Oscar Wilde

I Never Intended to Write a Love Story

At only seventeen, Beatrice (BeBe) has fallen into too many relationships, ones she never wanted in the first place. Burdened with too much empathy, it's all too easy for her to get swept away and lost in the strong emotions of those around her. Through the resulting debris of rumours and broken friendships, her one constant is her best friend Cara. But, after (accidentally) falling into a relationship with Cara's brother, Anwell, her friendship with Cara may no longer be a haven within the storm.

And not because Cara is pulling away. In fact, after riding out a disastrous summer together, their bond is stronger than ever. With the start of the new school year, they get jobs together at the local rec centre, but instead of being comforted by her best friend's closeness, BeBe can't seem to fall back into the familiar rhythm of Cara's steadying emotions.

After surviving her last unwanted relationship, and freshly caught up in a new one that risks her friendship with Cara, BeBe is all too aware she can't trust herself. After all, if she can't differentiate her own emotions from the ones around her, then is what she feels really what she feels?

She doesn't love Anwell, although she could. She loves Cara, but not in that way.

At least, she doesn't think she does, but if the rhythm of her friendship with Cara has changed, is it a because of a shift in BeBe's emotions, or Cara's?

This is an in-progress manuscript, so the title and blurb are subject to change.