Be yourself; everyone else is already taken - Oscar Wilde

1000th monkey blog

All my writing stuff. Or most of it.

This is my main blog where I ramble on about a variety of things, usually writing related.

Bailiwick optics blog

All the art related stuff.

I post here less frequently. It's reserved for physical/visial projects (drawing, painting, renos, building experiments, etc) or photos I've taken at random times, like when I'm walking Eva, and art or other things I love. The odd doodles that may appear/disappear on the home page will probably be explained here.

Skullduggery & Madness blog

Flash Fiction.

I go through bursts of flash fiction writing. Usually it's when I'm taking a break from writing and am either devouring books at an obsessively-obnoxious-speed, or deep in the bowels of editing. Half the time they are picked out (on my iPhone) in 20 minutes or less, so don't expect the spectacular. This is simply 99% fun, 1% useful.