Afraid of the Dark

In the cold north where they live, twin sisters Sikka and Issabel don’t ever want to be separated. When it’s decided that Sikka will wed a boy from their village, Issa does something unforgivable. She kills a fledgeling god and uses its coat as collateral to strike a bargain with another god.

When Issabel is spirited away without a trace, Sikka refuses to give up on her sister. With the dead god’s coat in her pack, she lies to Komil, the boy she’s supposed to marry, and tells him that the sister he was supposed to wed is the one who was taken. Sikka’s plan backfires when, rather than shrugging off the responsibility of the arranged match, Komil tags along on her trek to rescue Issa.

With Komil at her side, and a pet dog who is slowly going mad from eating god-flesh, Sikka sets off through frozen forests and across a treacherous ice-floe in the midst of spring thaw. With the magical coat in her pack, she has gods to face, monsters to fight, and her own conflicted feelings to contend with, because at some point, Sikka will have to tell Komil the truth about who she is.

Somewhere at the end of the journey is Issabel, but after both sisters' separate adventures, and their dalliances with the addictive power of gods and monsters, they each may have changed too much to stay together.

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken - Oscar Wilde