Be yourself; everyone else is already taken - Oscar Wilde

Don't be frightened. I only bite a little.

I live on the west coast of Canada in gorgeous Vancouver, British Columbia with one black cat, named after a philosopher, and one beagle, named after a cartoon character. 

Education-wise, I have an Honours degree in History/Art with a focus on SE Asia and have completed three programs for Animation, which means I'll leap at any excuse to draw silly pictures and my bookshelves are crammed with everything from philosophy textbooks to comic books.

In previous incarnations I've worked in the video game industry, marketing, renovating houses, and am a self-proclaimed 'Jill-of-all-Trades.' I love picking up new skills and fully admit to owning more power tools than high-heeled shoes.

I believe in smiling first, second chances, silver-linings, and Oxford commas.

Hi, I'm Kristen Adams